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25 microgram of mercury is it safe for anyone under 550 pounds?
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25 microgram of mercury is it safe for anyone under 550 pounds? The image shows where mercury poisoning can effect the body Aloha everyone! Educ...

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Latest Blog!  Fever Cure and Saturation.  See Blog below.
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Fever Cure and Saturation!

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10 Reasons the Amino Acid  Basic Program is Amazing  (Oxytocin).  1.  The  body makes it from amino acids. 2. Oxytocin is f...

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Our Amino Acids the Building Blocks of Life
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Our Amino Acids Formulas are the building blocks of life. •100% of  all protein is made up from amino acids •Amino acids are 75% of bo...

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  Activated Charcoal   We recommend taking activated charcoal  to all our students and here is the reasons for using it regularly. E...

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WHAT IS A VIRUS.  Little tip's to help boost your immune system.
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  What Is A Virus? A virus can manifest itself in various symptoms. Recently we are having students showing the virus in symptoms of sleep pattern...

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Welcome to Healthy Living Lifestyle Products


Healthy Living Lifestyle Products was first founded and formulated by Jeffrey and Allyn Campbell over 16 years ago.  They first started using amino acids when Allyn, Jeffrey's wife was pregnant with their daughter Sally, 27 years ago.


Our product line is manufactured by GMP Pharmaceuticals in New Zealand which are one of the leading companies specialising in pharmacticals, natural health and diary products of the highest quality using the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques.  GMP is certified and licensed in both Australia and New Zealand to manufacture pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, diary products and organic foods.  They also have comprehensive list of international licenses including the FDA in the United States of America.

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LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.


Aloha Everyone,LATEST Healthy Living Lifestyle BLOG! Correspondence to assist recovery.Wednesday 11th Feb 2015QUESTION:  Hi Lorraine it's Kelly here in Bermagui, Phoebe my 8 year old has I think it's tonsillitis(ears are fine) I took her to the doctor and the doctor said that there's nothing that can be done, I'm getting quite worried, wondering if there is a formula that she can take it's gonna help, she is very sore and having trouble breathing through her nose because When she breaths th...

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